Smart Technology that learns and identifies trends across all media platforms

Measure the past
Manage the present
Predict the future

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ROi Africa uses its new innovative, smart technology to provide full media intelligence and monitoring across global and local print, radio, television, online and social media.
  • Smart Technology
  • Monitoring Media
  • Covering all media platforms
  • identifying Trends
  • Big content management
  • Global and local monitoring
  • Print, radio, television
  • Online and social media

We achieve the highest level of client satisfaction, generating the optimum Return on Investment

What We Do

We have designed, developed and integrated world class monitoring mechanisms into one simple and intuitive platform.
With all media in one place and measurement that is accurate, ROi Africa makes analysis and management of big content simple. This allows our clients to reference the past, manage the present and predict the future.
For the first time, media monitoring works for the client and at ROi Africa each client is treated as unique. The system is adapted to suit their monitoring needs.

Easy steps to media monitoring and intelligence perfection


    Collate the relevant media into one space, offer full media monitoring across global and local print, radio, television, online and social media. Use the largest social media pipe in the world – almost 200 million platforms


    Crunch this data is record time, 100,000 items per second and deliver measured, relevant and precise results.


    Implement immediate and interactive analytics. Convert data to a manageable format that allows drill down from high level to infinite detail.


    Introduce Smart Technology that learns and identifies trends across all media platforms, design that technology for Big Content Management and its measurement. Deliver systems that manage brand reputation immediately and intelligently


    Act as an extension of the media relations division. Introduce live sentiment tracking for immediate brand protection on negative messages. Offering insight from the outside


    Give the client the luxury of making immediate, informed and intelligent media decisions with foresight and knowledge. Make media monitoring work for client, seamlessly. Deliver ROi Africa to market.

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About US

The latest and most innovative technology

ROi Africa is a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider, widely regarded as a leader in its field. Our business is to identify and make sense of media and monitoring trends. We do this by employing technology to monitor almost 200 million global social networks, 60 000 global online newspapers, thousands of printed publications and 70 radio and TV stations. ROi is owned by businessman and entrepreneur Shaka Sisulu who acquired the business from previous owner Ecsponent Limited in June 2018. Sisulu’s own media monitoring business, iKGB, is in the process of merging with ROi Africa to form an entity ready to claim a sizeable slice of the analytics market in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Ecsponent maintains exposure to ROi through a minority shareholding in Sisulu's group of digital media companies.


We generate live and interaction media solutions that are intelligent and intuitive. These solutions offer immediate insight into any industry across the globe.


We monitor traditional and virtual media.

South Africa offers...

2000 hard copy print titles that includes major regional and national dailies newspapers, community and caxton press, consumer and specialised press. Managed by the best fine reading technology in the world, Internationally, ROi Africa offers a network of print publications from across the globe.


Over 40 radio...

ROi Africa covers one of the largest Broadcast bouquets in the country with up to 70 stations. Managed by voice to text solutions, audio / visual content is available within 0.2 seconds of broadcasting.
Internationally over 400 are available


60,000 global digital...

60,000 global digital newspapers form part of the ROi Africa data set, about 4500 are relevant to South Africa

Social Media

ROi Africa offers the largest...

ROi Africa offers the largest social media pipe across the globe with almost 200 million platforms being monitored with clever crawlers every second of the day

Measurement & Metrics

Using the best...

Using the best measurement methodology by medium, ROi Africa offers AVE, Ranking, Moz Rank, Klout and various other metrics designed to make intelligent calculations of the brand’s ROi Africa

Immediate Analytics

Smart technology...

Smart technology allows for immediate analytics for big content. Insights include live sentiment, top sources, authors, share of voice, trend lines and heat maps

Customised Analytics

Each client is treated...

Each client is treated differently and the production of the media monitoring results is customised to marry the results to the client’s strategy

Return on Innovation

Smart technology that...

Smart technology that identifies trends and aids clients to record the past, manage the present and predict the future.

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