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IKGB ROi Africa introduces cutting edge Social Intelligence to South African market

Johannesburg, 1 November 2018 - ROi A frica, a leading South African media monitoring company, today proudly announces the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Brandwatch, the world leader for enterprise social intelligence. Through this partnership, IKGB ROi Africa now offers its customers brand new innovative services such as social listening, influencer management and audience identification complementing its traditional social and media monitoring offering. Brandwatch itself has recently merged with Crimson Hexagon, creating a world giant in the social intelligence space.

Social listening is the process of compiling, analysing and understanding millions of online conversations, providing an instant insight about what any audience thinks, feels and talks about. The Brandwatch platform searches the public net and collects all posts, comments and conversations relevant to a customer. It then segments the data into relevant categories as a basis for customer specific analysis. This allows the clients to drive their strategies with a sound understanding of any target audience, leading to much more timeous, direct and targeted results.

A better understanding of an audience and its influencers is a key ingredient for any company’s brand and reputation management. Milton Tshabalala, Managing Director IKGB ROi Africa, says ‘‘By introducing Social Listening to the South African media monitoring market, we are revolutionising the way our clients operate with regards to reputation and brand management.’’

IKGB ROi Africa is adding Brandwatch‘s social listening and Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered platform to their already comprehensive, fully customisable basket of media monitoring services, creating immense value for customers. Its website has been updated with a detailed description of the new services.

Crimson Hexagon’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are unmatched in this industry. Its AI-powered consumer insights platform allows clients to analyze audiences, track brand perception and campaign performance, and even detect competitive and market trends. IKGB ROi Africa is the forerunner in Africa to bring this exciting tool to the continent.

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For more information on IKGB ROi Africa and Brandwatch contact

Milton Tshabalala, Managing Director IKGB ROi Africa,, 071 361 8526


Shenanda Janse van Rensburg, Ten:320 Consulting,, 084 777 1977

About IKGB ROi Africa
IKGB ROi Africa is a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider, widely regarded as a leader in its field. It focuses on identifying and making sense of media and monitoring trends. IKGB ROi Africa does this by employing technology to monitor almost 200 million global social networks, 60 000 global online newspapers, thousands of printed publications and 70 radio and TV stations. IKGB ROi Africa is owned by businessman and entrepreneur Shaka Sisulu who acquired the business from previous owner Ecsponent Limited in June 2018.

About Brandwatch
Brandwatch is the world’s enterprise social intelligence leader, empowering 1,400 of the planet’s most admired brands and agencies including Unilever, Walmart and Dell to make insightful, data-driven business decisions.

The recent merger between Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon, the two leaders in social intelligence, allows the company to accelerate its vision and move beyond social listening to innovate at the cross section of brand, market and consumer intelligence.

The company’s Analytics product surfaces business-critical insights within millions of online conversations, Brandwatch Audiences optimizes targeted influencer, content and paid social campaigns and the Vizia platform broadcasts insights to decision-makers throughout entire organizations.

Brandwatch is one of only two official social listening partners of Twitter.

Brandwatch has offices around the globe including Brighton, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris, Singapore and soon Sydney.

Shaka Sisulu acquires ROi Africa from listed Ecsponent group

Entrepreneur and businessman Shaka Sisulu today announced that he has acquired ROi Africa, a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider from Ecsponent Limited as a going concern.

The transaction is the precursor to Sisulu’s own media monitoring business, iKGB, merging with ROi Africa to form an entity well positioned to claim a sizeable slice of the media monitoring and trend analysis market in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

The transaction furthermore sees Ecsponent acquiring a 49% share in Truth Digital, 100% owned by Sisulu. As Truth Digital owns the full shareholding of iKGB, the acquisition allows Ecsponent continued exposure to the ROi business.

“ROi is an exciting business that is expanding the frontiers of traditional media monitoring and trends analysis,” says Sisulu. “It draws on the expertise of a number of worldwide sources to build a media monitoring solution that promises to be the first of its kind in the world. Together we will ensure that South Africa’s marketing and PR industry can have monitoring work for them.

” ROi Africa is a smart technology media monitoring and intelligence provider that identifies media and monitoring trends across millions of platforms. Its reach includes almost 200 million global social networks, 60 000 global online newspapers, thousands of printed publications and 70 radio and TV stations.

Widely regarded as a technological leader in the media monitoring intelligence field, ROi is owned by Ecsponent Limited, a company listed on the JSE’s main board under the Financial Services ‒ Specialty Finance sector. It has multiple subsidiaries and a footprint across South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Zambia.

Says Terence Gregory, CEO of Ecsponent about the transaction, “Ecsponent invested in ROi because we believed in its commercial viability and potential to generate shareholder returns over the medium to long term. This has not changed. Shaka’s expertise and industry knowledge are exactly what is needed to take ROi to the next level.

” Ecsponent invests in a range of listed and private equity investments that have a long-term investment horizon. It helps investee companies develop and profitably commercialise technology that has global applications and offers cost-effective market solutions.

iKGB is a boutique media monitoring agency that has been successful in a niche market. Following the intended merger, the brand will be incorporated into the ROi business.